The Co-operative will be structured as a for-profit, distributive producer-owned Co-op. This means that it will be the members of the Co-op who own the Co-op and ultimately make decisions about how it is operated.

The Co-op’s Rules will be the most important document for members as they will regulate the relationship between the Co-op and the membership criteria for becoming and remaining a member of the Co-op. In addition, the Rules will include provisions regarding the issue of shares, the holding and conduct of General Meetings of members and the election and powers of Directors.

The Co-op’s membership will be open to committed producers from the WA sheep, beef and grain sectors. In the first instance, membership will be limited to 30 farming businesses from the Great Southern Region of WA, with the potential to expand across WA to attract new members as the Co-op services and supply base grows.

Membership of the Western Australian Producers’ Co-op will be open to producers who want to produce the best, highest quality products they can by working collaboratively with other farmers to aggregate their supply to meet specific consumer needs and adapting their farming systems (if needed) to meet customer specifications in return for a higher price.

We are currently taking Expressions of Interest from farmers interested in becoming a member of the Co-operative and/or want to be kept up to date with Co-op Progress.


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If you have any questions contact Stirlings to Coast Farmers

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